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I am SOOO happy for you. I hope C decides you are the parents to raise the baby and I hope the baby is healthy. I will be thinking of you...


Praying for you and your husband, for C and for this baby.


I'm so happy for you!


Wow! This is an awesome development and I will most definitely be praying for the best outcome for C, you, and your hubby.

I have had the very large privilege of witnessing the birth of a baby to be given for adoption (I was shadowing the girl's midwife). I hope that it all works out and that you do get to see the birth. It's incredible.


Congratulations. I, like many of your readers, have been following your story since I found it on a very "dark night" after a miscarriage (what in the world did women do for comfort before this high-tech age?). And I am so happy that such a deserving couple may soon be parents to a child. You, the baby, and the birth mother will be in my prayers.

Mary Ellen

What wonderful news! I so hope that all of this works out for you!


How are things? I'm dying for an update! You're in my prayers.


I'm so happy for you!! Thanks for updating us. I was hoping you wouldn't go away forever. This is wonderful news!


I'm so excited for you! Finally, some blessed news for you and your family! Congrats!

On another note, can we expect any good news for your friend Josie? A perfect stranger, and I can't stop thinking about her. Thanks for any updates on her condition.

And once again, congratulations and best wishes on your growing family!


Congratulations to you both. I am so happy that some good news is coming to you after too long a stretch of hardships. Looking forward to hearing confirmation that everything has worked out just fine and that you are FINALLY the mommy you've wanted to be for so long. Sending you happy and healthy wishes from Canada!!


Checking back in for updates, any kind of update! August 10 is not very far away, how are you feeling? Praying for all involved,


Just thrilled for you. Just thrilled. Aug 10 is so soon! Congrats!


This is so exciting!!! I will be praying that everything goes really well!! WOW!!!

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