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Please please at least update when your baby comes home? You both remain in my prayers and I would love to hear about when you officially become parents!


I think of you often. Whatever you decide about continuing your blog, I wish you all the best in this new chapter as you begin the adoption process.


I will totally understand if you don't want to blog anymore (I think it's kind of like when people keep a journal during stressful or sad times to sort out thier feelings), but PLEASE let us know when your sweet baby comes home. I would love to know about your happy ending. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Thanks for updating us. I was getting worried.


Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry the last few months have been so difficult, but so glad you're healthy now.

You remain in my thoughts and prayers, and I am so excited about you becoming a mom through adoption!


Good luck with the adoption journey. I do hope it goes smoothly and quickly for you.

I was very concerned to read of your health issues, but happy to read that it all seems to have resolved.

I will be sending positive vibes your way. :)

Jennifer F.

Thank you for the update. You have been in my thoughts and prayers often since your last post.

Carrie P

Hi - I've read several of your posts in the past but rarely (if ever) commented. I wanted to reach out to you today because I'm stunned by what you have had to cope with in the past year, and so relieved for you that your worst fears weren't realised. It's so true that you just keep going because there is no valid alternative, but recently you've had to face far more trials than most of us. You write so movingly.

I so hope that adoption is a successful and fulfilling path for you. I'll be thinking of you.


I usually never post comments on blogs, but I just wanted to write and wish you all the best. I am amazed and humbled by your story and wish you all the best. Best of luck to you and your family and hope that in a few years, I might come across your blog in the form of a "mommy blog". God bless.


Dear Jill, I'm so sad to hear how much additional pain you've had to go through since January. What a terrible addition to your burden. But what a relief that you've had reassurance on the health front now, and that you can at last move forward. That's wonderful.

I understand about not knowing what to do with your blog at the moment, though I hope that you will find some way to let us know how things go. I wish you so much luck and happiness with the adoption, my dear.


Ugh how awful- what an ordeal. Glad everything is fine and I'm excited to hear about your adoption plans. Please keep us updated (as frequently or infrequently as you'd like).


I understand too if you don't blog anymore. However, you have been an inspiration to me. It's so easy to get caught up in our own personal issues, and it helps tremendously to see someone else who is having struggles of their own to keep going. And even though you are heading down a different path, I think it gives all of us hope that we too can still be happy.

Even if you don't blog after your adoption, please update us when your baby will be coming. I know we will all celebrate for you.


I think of you often and check your blog daily. I wish you the very best in whatever path you chose.

I do hope you keep the blog and we can follow your journey through adoption.


I check on you frequently and am glad to see you are back - even if briefly. I've thought and prayed for you and your family over the last few months. I am so sorry that you had those health scares, but so very relieved that you physically are okay. I know emotionally you are still healing. Whatever you do with this blog... please keep in touch. I know that is very selfish of me, but truly - please keep in touch. Know you are in my prayers on a daily basis and I am so very thankful for the support you have given me since we met online... Hang in there and know that you have friends out there in the great big world who are always thinking of you and cheering you on.

I am sad to hear of your health concerns but am relieved for you that you have been given a clean bill of health. I hope your dreams come to fruition soon :) Thinking of you.


Hi there...I'm a long time reader, but this is my first comment. I am so sorry for all that you've been through this past year. I'm relieved to know that your health is OK, but I'm sure it has been a very scary time for you. My husband and I have also had several unexplained miscarriges, and have moved on to international adoption. I want you to know that your writing has been a great inspiration to me both spiritually and emotionally, and this blog has helped in my journey to healing and hope. I hope you'll continue to write about your journey, but I understand if it is time to let it go. You and your family will continue in our prayers.

Salome Ellen

Dear Jill, Check back here when and if you feel like it. You will continue in my prayers.


Jill, I'm so sorry for all that you have been through in the past year. You have handled it all so admirably and with such grace. Your strength and faith are truly inspriarional, not to mention how eloquently you write about it all. I understand if you decide to stop blogging but I, like so many others, would love to share in your happiness when you become a mother.

As an aside, do you know about the "mutiple miscarriages" board on babycenter.com? It's a pretty small group but very supportive. I know I sometimes fine it's nice to correspond with women who "get" exactly what I have been through. Several families there are in the process of adopting. If you're interested and have any trouble finding the board just email me.


Chirp chirp...

yet another adoring cricket answering your post.

I have tremendous faith in the joy that awaits you in your future in whatever form it takes and however it arrives.

"I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."

Love you, Jill.


I am so glad that you are doing better. I've been watching your post for the last several weeks, hoping that you were alright. I am still praying for you and your family and know that someday you will no longer be under that dark cloud. We all understand about you possibly deciding to end your blog, I'm so glad to have learned about you and your family and read about your faith in God. Take care. Love, Gina



It's so good to hear from you. I've been checking your blog often and wondering how you were. I'm sorry for all the added stress of the past few months, but I'm glad to hear that the fears have resolved.

I understand your reluctance to continue this blog. Selfishly, I want you to continue because your writing inspires and helps me. But you're smart to just trust your instincts and see what you feel inspired to do. Meanwhile, I'm sending you all my best wishes and prayers.



De-lurking to say: I came here nearly every day. Much moved about your father. And your faith.

Do whatever you feel like with your blog. But if you can - let us know how your journey goes on, and let us have the privilege of greeting your child.

Much luck on the way. I'll continue to come here, and my prayers are with you.



Thank God your cancer scare was just a scare!

May God bless you abundantly in your adoption journey!

Mary Ellen

I am so sorry for all that you have been through. I wish you all the best as you start your adoption journey. Sending you a hug.


Dear Jill,
I'm so very sorry to hear that the last few months have been so incredibly stressful, but am greatly relieved to hear that things are looking better. Although I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, keep in mind that sometimes the darker the cloud hanging over us, the more beautiful the sunshine is once the cloud moves on. I wish you the best of luck in your journey to adopt and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Glad you're okay.

Whatever happens with your blog, I wish you the very, very best. I'm hopeful about your future because God is good.

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