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I hope and pray that your invincible summer comes very, very soon...and that you will experience more joy that you ever thought possible.


What a crappy few months. The grieving is sometimes harder than the going through it, because at least when you are going through it you are somewhat numb.


Your strength and ability to pick up the pieces to move on is astounding. You are in my thoughts.


I too have loved that particular Camus quote for years. I do hope things turn around for you soon--you've certainly weathered more than your share of grief and sadness. All best.


Good Camus quote. Someday it will be ALL SUMMER in your life.

That's nice that you hosted at your house. Isn't it nice to get the house all spic and span? I find housework to be very therapeutic at times.


I just want you to know that you so clearly reflect Christ's character through your heart poured out onto this computer screen. I admire your strength and your reliance on God. He truly is faithful and it's so beautiful to read about another woman who goes through tumultuous times and still comes out with her hands held high in sweet surendure. Thank you for sharing your faith and your journey with us so transparently.

Lady In Waiting

You are one of the most inspirational people I have ever "met"! Your strength is incredible. So many people would give up, or become horribly bitter, or turn to alcohol/drugs to avoid their feelings. When I sometimes wonder how to maintain my sanity in my own life, I think of how loving and giving you are despite so much loss. It breaks me heart that you have had to endure so much pain, but I am full of gratitude because you share your life through your blog.


You are so strong and you allow God to be there for you. I get strength from reading your blog for the trials in my own life. Thank you for sharing so openly.


I read your blog here and there. Never commented - before. I am glad to hear you are doing better, your very strong and are amazing at looking forward, hoping and making the best of what you have. Your an inspiration. I've taken learnings from here as I have just stopped TTC after 3 + yrs and 3 losses. thanks and all the best to making your summer a pleasant one. Hugs


I must remember not to read your posts while I am in public because I always end up crying at a coffee shop or some wifi place. You entries are so touching and beautiful and make me contemplate so much about my own losses and find ways to be grateful at the same time. Thank you for sharing all of this with us/me. It means more to me than you could ever know. And thank you for the Camus quote. I'm going to write it down and keep it with me. Bless you. I will pray for your friend.


I hope summer comes to you very soon. It's so great you and your family could have some celebration after the hard times. Nice you can enjoy each other's company and get a bit rejuvenated.


I started reading your blog right before your father got sick but have never commented before. What strikes me about you is not only your strength(of which you have a ton) but your propensity for gratitude. I too had a trying year with my mother going through stage III breast cancer and what truly got me through was gratitude. You are an inspiration to me and everyone else and I think about and pray for you and your little angels often. What a sweet image of your dad taking care of your babies for you now in heaven. P.S. I hate cancer too.


You give me such hope with your words. All we have is Christ. Reading you helps me remember that all the more. Your faith leaps through the pages, and I carry your enthusiasm, even with sadness, in my heart. You are a brave woman, full of God's confidence and his mercy.

Now post some recipes! :)

I doubly hate cancer.


I love the Albert Camus quote. May God bless you with continued strength.


Jill: Your "invincible summer" is an extraordinary thing. When we started trying three years ago, it was in part because my dad is older, and I wanted to so badly for him to know his grandchildren. Now his older brother has Alzheimer's and I panic everytime my dad forgets something... and the years drift by. There is no way for me to imagine how much pain you must be feeling, but your willingness to share, and your thoughtful posts bring me comfort. So thank you. I am hoping for the best for you.


I just want to ditto FloridaWife's comment; you are an amazing portrait of faith, compassion, and strength. I wish for the very best for you and your family and will keep your friend in my prayers.


Meant to say I ditto runningwildly's comment, though FloridaWife's was nice too!


Wow, you are such a strong person.
Also I wanted to say that when you do have a child of your own, your dad will see it & will be happy for you as he's watching & protecting you down from heaven.


I will be praying for you. I'm sorry for your losses, and I pray that God blesses you soon, and that he comforts you during this hard time. &hugs&


I have been reading your blog and have been moved by your writing. I apologize for the SPAM-like quality of this comment, but I wanted to invite you to submit your blog for listing on the Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss Blog Directory (www.babylossdirectory.blogspot.com). This is a blog that we are establishing to help the newly (or not so newly) bereaved connect with other bloggers and find helpful resources. The more people who submit their blogs, the better the resource will be.

I hope you will consider submitting your blog.

~ delphi at Eight Million Pieces


Just checking in. Hope your Easter went well.


The Camus quote is also one of my favorites. Sending prayers for peace in your heart.


i stumbled upon your blog through another adoption blog. my heart breaks for you and your losses. stay strong.


You're strength, faith, and ability to convey it all so well in words amaze me.

Mary Ellen

I have lurked here before but never commented. I am so very sorry for your pain and lossed, but I am abslolutely amazed by your strength. xo

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