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Dear Jill, thank you for sharing this. Life's biggest sorrows are indeed silent, but you have reached into the silence and the pain to write one of the most beautiful tributes I have ever read. I have nothing to offer you but tears and love.


I have never written in a blog guest book before but felt very compelled to do so now. I struggled to keep my composure while reading that lovely tribute to what was, obviously, a very lovely man. It sounds like your mutual admiration of each other was much deserved.


I have been following your blog for a while, but have never commented before. I was so saddened to hear about your loss. It is obvious that you had a relationship with him like no other, I hope you take comfort in knowing that he is now with God and no longer in pain. He was very lucky to be surrounded by those who loved him most as he passed on. I believe that he will be as wonderful of a grandfather in heaven as he was here on earth. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.


I too found your blog awhile ago and have been keeping up with it. I'm So sorry that you've had to endure so much. More then you ever should have. Tears are just rolling down my face reading your entry. I am So close to my Dad so I can't even imagine how it would feel to lose him. Please know that i'm praying for you and your family. I'm So sorry for the loss of your Dad and your baby.


Oh, Jill, you have just had to deal with so much more than any one person should have to bear, and you have done so with admirable grace and faith.

I am so tremendously sorry for your losses. Your dad sounds like an amazing person, and I am so glad that you were able to properly say good bye to him--I hope that, at least, offers a small measure of comfort in these sad days.

You remain in my thoughts and prayers, and I so hope that the rest of this year brings you healing and joy.


Jill, this was so beautifully written. Devastating. Moving. Your father sounds like a wonderful man and a truly loving father, much like my own. (I also remember the exact moment, 11 years ago when he took his last walk; he died four years later) I am so sorry for all you have endured; but your compassion and love really are so strong here. I wish you peace.


Thank you for sharing your story. It's like I knew your dad. He was the BOMB! I lost my daddy last year to lung cancer as well. That pain never goes away, especially for a daddy's girl. :( I pray that your memories sustain you and that the peace of God guides you heart and your mind through Christ Jesus. Wow girl, you've had a heck of a few months. It was like reliving my dad's death all over again. Believe me, it does get better ( i can honestly say that 6 months later)

Please know that you have entire churches and total strangers going to God on your behalf, rooting for you and praying for peace for you, your husband, and your family.

I pray that 2007 continues a lot better for you. I know my '07 has shaped up quite nicely.


Just wanted to say how sorry I was to read of all this sadness but I am glad to know that you made it through.

I do think that sharing this can be part of the healing process and I do hope that it plays this helpful role for you and your DH as you move on with your lives.

Jennifer F.

What an amazing story. You and your family are in my prayers.


I just don't have words to tell you how much your post moved me. Such a heartbreaking story, and so beautifully told.


I don't know what to say, except that I am so sorry for all you've gone through. You've been in my thoughts so often, and I wish there was something I could do for you. You and your family will be in my prayers.

Take care.


Oh, Jill! My heart goes out to you and your family. What brave, strong people you are. Thank you for sharing that with us. Your dad was such a fighter, and I bet he was a wonderful, wonderful man.

I'm so sorry for your miscarriage, for all of your losses... nobody should have to bear this much pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May you get stronger with each passing day...


Thank you for sharing this. Your father sounds like an amazing Dad, and I am so happy that you were able to be with him holding his hand through this. I am so sorry for your losses, and am praying with and for you.


I was reading this through my own tears. So terribly sorry for the loss of your father and truly, for all your losses. May you and your family continue to heal from everything.


I dont know what to say, except that I am sure your Dad is in heaven with your babies, and that he is watching over you and all your family. Thank you for sharing your story, what an incredibly tough time you have been through, you are a strong woman and it sounds like you have an incredible husband and family. I wish you all the best for the future.


Thank you for sharing your story. While sad and painful, it is full of love as well. I'm so glad you were able to be there for him, as he clearly was for you throughout your life. You helped him move into his next phase of life, for which I know he is grateful. Now hopefully, he can pull some strings for you, too.


what a horrible set of experiences 2007 has dealt you so far. How horrible that your fathers wish didn't come true.

I'm glad you managed to spend so much time with him, and to celebrate the special relationship that you had. he sounds like a wonderful man.


I am so sorry for your loss. I am so glad you were able to be there with your father surrounding him in love.

May God continue to give you His perfect peace.

ann (fchen)

prayers for you, Jill, and your dad and your entire family. may you be filled with so much healing grace during this lenten season.


I'm so sorry for your terrible losses. It must be of great comfort to you that your father affirmed his faith in his last hours. I pray for you and your family. I hope 2007 brings good things into your life.


I'm so, so sorry for the loss of your father and your baby.


Jill, I am so sorry for your losses. I was with my grandfather when he died, holding his hand. As time passed I came to see what a blessing that was for both of us to be together when he passed. I'm sure you were a blessing to your father too. I wish you much healing and rest.


I am so thankful that you were able to be with your dad in his last moments. That you were able to say goodbye. None of what you have been through has been easy. I am thankful that you have felt God's grace to get you through all of this... know you are in my prayers as is your entire family. I have visions of your dad up in heaven and he's giving his grandchildren a stern talking to for leaving you. Much love and prayers coming to you guys...


I am very sorry for your losses. Your faith and strength are admirable. You are an example to us all.

2 Corinthians 1:3,4



I'm so sorry for the tremendous tradgedy that you and your family have experienced. Your father sounds like he was an amazing person. Your entire family, including your unborn children, will be in my prayers. I hope that you feel more strength and peacefulness with each passing day.

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