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I am praying!


I will be praying.

And it's good to see you back. =)


Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.


Hi Jill,
I'll say a prayer for your mom. Sorry but I don't know how to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. I too worry so much about my parents health. In fact, just this evening I was thinking the very same thoughts. One of the most difficult parts of all of this for me is the thought that my children may not know my mom. I'll be thinking of you. Try very hard to enjoy each day. Take Care Jill.


I am praying for you and your loved ones.

As for the anticipatory feelings, I think that such experiences in life are really some of the crosses we must bear. Moses prayed in Psalm 90 that the Lord would teach us about the shortness of our lives that we gain a heart of wisdom.

As we age we must relinquish things we prize in life. Our health, beauty, loved ones, etc., they all pass on. But we have a God who takes these things as we relinquish them and uses them as building stones for our heavenly temple, creating gain, incredible, mind-boggling and beautiful gain for us amidst our losses.

Embrace the loss and the tarnish the anticipation puts on the "now" moments of your life, remembering that we have a judt God who loves us and rewards us for all our losses.


Thinking of you all and you're in my prayers... x




You and your famiy have certainly had more than your fair share of health related stress. Will absolutely pray for your mom, for you and your family.


Sorry to hear about these healthcare concerns...Praying that you will experience peace in the midst of all of these issues. Blessings to you,


Hey Jill, you are welcome. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hey, I elaborated on my comments to you on my blog today. Check it out:


Not the praying type, but I will be thinking of you and your family and hoping for the best. Glad to have you back!


Jill: I will be thinking good, healing thoughts for your mom. My dad is going through a health crisis now, too, I know how scary that is. I'm so sorry for ALL the illnesses and close calls, and of course, for all your miscarriages.

In my limited knowledge of such things (I'm a recurrent pg. loss person myself, lived with the stress of that, and failed IVFs for 4+ years), I think you might have acute stress disorder, or anxiety problems, due to always feeling like you're fighting a war... like post-traumatic stress disorder, only it's not "post" - you're living it every day!

This is what my therapist told me about myself, and talking to her about my fears, my sadness, my stress, was helpful. Also, I got my psychiatrist to give me a xanax Rx, for those times when the stress was too overwhelming, and I couldn't sleep, or felt panicky. Even taking one half of a pill can mean the difference between feeling ill from stress and dread, and being able to calm down and reason through my worries...

Your pregnancy losses alone are enough to put you in a perpetual state of anxiety and stress, but add all of the other things in, and WOW. You are an amazing, strong woman for carrying on, supporting your family the way you do, and making plans for how you & your husband can build a family.

If you're curious about how my issues resolved, we decided to adopt, and I am no longer needing those xanax pills, and having THAT part of my life "solved," I'm so much stronger and able to deal with my father's and grandmother's illnesses.

I hope this is not too preachy, or unwelcome. I hope it helps you just a little bit, to know that you are not alone, and your feelings are completely natural and understandable. I hope you feel better soon, and best wishes to your mother.



Jill-I am not the praying type, but I will be thinking good thoughts for your mom. Good news is that the technology is much better than when she had problems 10 years ago.

you certainly have had your share of medical dramas. I hope this one with your mom resolves well.

Womb in waiting

Jill hi, Im sorry you've received such news abt your mum...it does sound like your family have gone thru the wars but yes they have all (almost) survived....but i know that feeling of waiting for the call or shoe to drop or crisis to hit.....i was terribly close to my mum & while she was sick for 13 yrs i had that feeling so i know what it feels like & i'll pray for you. Also my dad just had the same situation last mth & he is 84...he had a stent & is fine now so - she too will be fine.....these days - that kind of procedure is not a serious deal but it was scary at the time, very- she'll be fine & back to her old self in no time...enjoy your time with her in hospital - i believe though stressful - those times are precious.


Geez, you sure have gone through a lot.
I hope all is ok with your mom.


Thinking of you... Any updates on your Mom?

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