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Jill, what a beautiful and heartfelt entry. You and your mother will both continue to be in my prayers.


Dear Jill, that was such a beautiful, true and touching post, and a lovely tribute to your mother. I'm so glad she's pulling through, and so sorry that her recovery has been so difficult. I can only imagine how distressing the past weeks must have been for you -- I'm so sorry I wasn't here to offer support.

I find your notes on faith very thought-provoking, as always. Sometimes I don't know what's "easier" -- belief or lack of belief. One the one hand, it strikes me as cruel to have so many bad things happen and to keep trying to reconcile that with the thought that the suffering is part of some larger plan. On the other it feels so lonely to think that this earthly life, with all its suffering, is all there is...


Hugs to you Jill. I've had many of those very thoughts that you shared in this post. Often people say they understand or sympathize, but I can truly empathize.

I'm praying that God answers your prayers beyond your imagination.


Finding the right words is difficult for me, but know I am praying for your mom as she recovers and for you as you traverse this journey with your hope and faith still intact.


"most of all that I have faith and hope in a God that is bigger than deterioration and death."

Yes, a good thing, that is. You are going thru so much, Jill, and it sounds like you are handling it well.

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