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I can't speak to the side effects of injectables, as I have not done them, but your comments certainly do give me pause when considering injectables. I have gained what I call the "infertility 20". I am mortified. It was after my 2nd miscarriage, almost two years ago. I was depressed. I was as sad as I have ever been. And I ate. I ate cookies and ice cream and whatever else made me feel better. I did not excercise. I came home from work and parked myself on the sofa or in bed. I cried a lot.

After some time, when I started feeling more human, I weighed, and was gobsmacked by what the scale read. I had always been a resonable weight and it never seemed to matter what I ate or if I excercised, I stayed pretty much the same weight. I come from a family that is weight conscious, I couldn't let them see me like this! But my family has seen me with this 20 pounds and mercifully, they have not said anything. They know I have had a difficult couple of years.

Anyway, even though I was mortified by it, it was not until a month ago that I was ready to deal with this infertility 20. A testament, I think, to how much better I am feeling. I am now Weight Watchers newest fan. I have taken about 8 of the 20 off and am on my way back to my healthy, resonable weight. Thank heaven!

I guess this long winded post is just to let you know that you are not alone in having your weight affected by infertility, and I do not think you are fixating on the fat as a distratction from the greater issue. I do think that hormones have a lot to do with weight gain, and I bet that when yours settle back to normal, the extra 5 will come off. And if not, well, there is always Weight Watchers! Take care.

B. Mare

I'll share- I am a tiny little thing, but since IVF I have a band of belly fat I simply cannot seem to shift. I've been hitting the gym like a maniac for the last month and it's gradually going a little bit but sometimes I am still like, HUH. WHY THE FAT? I fear it is mutant hormonal pudge, but I will FIGHT IT TO THE DEATH.


Yep, me too. I put on five pounds before starting the injectibles cycle on my doctor's orders. Then I put on five more for good measure during the cycle. It's been over a month since the injectibles cycle ended and the pudge is still there. None of my pants fit right. I have to do laundry all the time to keep my single pair of post-partum jeans clean enough to wear every friggin' day.

I haven't been working particularly hard to get rid of it though, because technically, it bumps me up into the right BMI range for optimal fertility and I don't want to mess around with weight loss during an IVF cycle.


I just blame infertility for everything: fat, stretchmarks, celluite. It works for me.

Next week, I'm going to start blaming my gray hair on it too.

There are likely women out there who have lost the infertility weight, but I think they are purely urban legend.

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