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Welcome to my blog! My name is Jill and here's a little bit about me:

--born and raised in the midwestern United States
--currently live in a relatively large midwestern city
--make a living as an attorney
--am a Christian
--am 38 years old
--have been married to my husband/best friend for eleven years.

My life was chugging along pretty nicely until 2002 when we decided to start trying to have our first child. The good news is that I don't have a terribly difficult time getting pregnant. The bad news is that I can't seem to stay that way. In summary...

7 miscarriages:
7/02--chemical pregnancy, 6 weeks
3/03--blighted ovum, D&C, 8 weeks
9/03--lost son to Trisomy 13, D&C, 11 weeks
1/05--chemical pregnancy, 5 weeks
11/05--chemical pregnancy, 5 weeks
6/06--miscarriage after seeing heartbeat at 7 weeks, D&C, 8 weeks (baby was chromosomally normal girl)
1/07--miscarriage after subchorionic hemorrhage and seeing sluggish heartbeat at 7 weeks, D&C, 9 weeks (baby was chromosomally normal girl)

Despite seeing a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) after the third loss and having practically every recurrent miscarriage test under the sun, the cause of my losses remained unexplained . . . until February 2006, when a recurrent miscarriage specialist diagnosed me with an endometrial function problem. I was treated for the problem, became pregnant in May, 2006, but still continued to miscarry.

At this point I am still hoping to be able to turn our spare bedroom into a nursery, but we are pursuing domestic infant adoption rather than pursuing another pregnancy.


Cooking and hospitality, decorating my home, traveling (especially to Europe), church activities, taking part in a group that gets together to practice speaking French, ballet